Monteclaro 1
La Manga Club
Murcia, 30389

Calle Misisipi 3
Poligono Industrial
Los Belones
Murcia, 30385

Phone: +34 868 707 917
Mobile: +34 689 017 754


Harnessing the Power of Attorney in Spanish Real Estate Transactions

Introduction Legal transactions involving real estate can be complex, especially when dealing with foreign jurisdictions. In Spain, one powerful tool that individuals can utilize to [...]

2023-07-28T11:13:03+00:00July 28, 2023|

The Vital Importance of Translating Foreign Documents: A Case Study of Spanish Property Deeds

Introduction In an increasingly interconnected world, individuals and businesses frequently encounter the need to navigate legal and administrative processes involving foreign languages. One crucial aspect [...]

2023-07-28T11:30:21+00:00July 27, 2023|
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