Dealing with unwanted publicity phone calls, often referred to as “spam calls” or “telemarketing calls,” can be frustrating and disruptive. Here are some steps you can take to reduce or prevent these calls:

1. Register on the National Do Not Call Registry: In many countries, there is a National Do Not Call Registry where you can add your phone number to reduce telemarketing calls. In Spain, for instance, you can visit the Lista Robinson website and can register upto 3 phone numbers.

2. Block Known Spam Numbers: Most smartphones allow you to block specific phone numbers. When you receive an unwanted call, you can block that number, and calls from that number won’t get through to your phone.

3. Use Call Filtering Apps: There are various call filtering apps available for smartphones that can help identify and block spam calls. Some popular options include Truecaller and Nomorobo.

4. Screen Calls: Many smartphones now have a call screening feature that can automatically identify and block suspected spam calls. You can enable this in your phone settings.

5. Avoid Sharing Your Number: Be cautious about sharing your phone number on public forums, websites, or social media, as this can increase the likelihood of receiving spam calls.

6. Be Wary of Unsolicited Calls: If you receive a call from an unknown number, especially if it’s offering something too good to be true, be cautious. Don’t provide personal or financial information over the phone.

7. Report Spam Calls: In Spain, you can report spam calls to the appropriate regulatory authority or your mobile service provider. This can help them take action against the offending parties.

8. Use Silent or Vibrate Mode: If you’re receiving a lot of spam calls, consider putting your phone on silent or vibrate mode during certain hours to reduce disruptions.

9. Consult with Your Mobile Service Provider: Some mobile service providers offer additional features or services to help reduce unwanted calls. Contact your provider to see if they have any recommendations or services to offer.

10. Consider a Third-Party Call Blocker: There are third-party call-blocking apps and devices that can help you manage and block unwanted calls more effectively.

Stay informed about the latest tools and techniques to protect yourself from unwanted publicity phone calls.