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Who We Are


Heniam & Associates are here to help you with all of your needs in Spain.  Our team of dedicated professionals are looking forward to assisting you in an easy and reliable manner, allowing you more freedom to relax and enjoy yourself.

In times of increased commercialism and at times, lack of personalism, Heniam & Associates are committed to providing a service that is both efficient in terms of the outcome received against expectations and indiscriminate in relation to the level of attention promised to each individual client.  We understand that the goals of every client are different but that each individual has the same needs in terms of attention to detail and attention to the specific objectives that they might have.

Listening and understanding the needs of any client are pivotal to ensuring that the right service is offered and the desired outcome is achieved.


What We Do

Administration Support and Paperwork in the Spanish System

Navigating your way through the Spanish System can be difficult, stressful and complicated. We can assist you in making appointments, translating, organising paperwork that is required and liaising with any and all bodies necessary to achieve your goals.

We work with a number of experienced professionals who can help you get done whatever you need and make sure that you don’t feel confused or daunted by dealing with any of the authorities or institutions necessary whilst here in Spain. We can make applications on your behalf and follow them through to the end,This can include assisting you in dealing with medical bodies, the town hall, licensing bodies to mention a few.

Just ask the Team and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need.


Legal Assistance

Our services include, but are not limited to