How do I keep my UK residency whilst still enjoying the best that Spain has to offer?

Now that the sun has finally set on Britain’s last days of Membership with the EU, we are now faced with new challenges, and with all of the changing advice and confusion surrounding our continued relationship with Spain as non-EU citizens, one could be forgiven for not knowing where to go or what to do.

Do you find yourself asking, how do I stay in Spain longer than the permitted 90 days out of 180 without becoming a resident of Spain for tax purposes?  Have I missed the opportunity to reside in Spain and now want to know how to get the right to remain?  Can I continue driving in Spain after my 90 days is over?  Will I need to get a Spanish driving license? All of these questions can be answered by the team at Heniam & Associates.

With the system in force, effective from January 1st 2021, non-EU nationals need to follow Spain’s immigration process.  Unless you obtained Spanish residency before this date you will now need to apply for a VISA through your home nation, in order to be able to reside in Spain long-term.

There are a number of different types of residency VISAs that suit each and every individual.  Whether you have invested a certain amount of money in Spain, whether you can support yourself and don’t intend to work in Spain, whether you wish to study there or simply want to retire there.

With every person having an individual circumstance, and reason for wanting to stay longer in Spain, it is important that you get the right support and advice to suit your needs.

Based in Cartagena, Murcia, Heniam has on hand specialists in the UK and Spain who work closely with the Spanish Consulate, to assist you in getting the right VISA for you and your family, and with the least amount of stress.  Heniam makes it their priority to listen to what you need and then ensure that that is exactly what you get.  No question is too complicated for their team.

Once in sunny Spain, Heniam can also assist you in a range of other legal and paperwork matters, not just your VISA applications.  For all paperwork, Spanish wills, powers of attorney, contractual disputes, conveyancing, tenancies and general advice, the team at Heniam is on hand to help you.  Heniam will make sure that you don’t have to worry whilst you are in Spain.  They will take care of your worrying for you.

For more information about the services that Heniam can offer and for a free consultation and quote to guide you in your decision-making process, contact the team.