We are experts in helping our clients to obtain their Spanish driving licences. We also pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest news that can affect our customers.

We are therefore keeping a good eye on the recent proposed and soon to be enforced changes to motorcycle licences.

Due to the increase in accidents involving motorcyclists in 2023, the Minister of the interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has announced that the DGT will force motorcyclists to wear a full face or modular helmets and to wear approved motor cycling gloves.

Previously, if you held a full car licence for over 3 years, you were automatically given the right to drive motorbikes upto 125cc. This is being rescinded and later this year you will be obliged to take a test to if you wish continue riding these size motorbikes if you hold no other type of motorbike licence.

We will be watching this matter very closely to bring you the latest updates in regards to type of test needed and costs involved.

UPDATE: It has now been decided that the need for a test will only apply to new drivers and will not be applied retrospectively. The type and cost of the test is still being decided and no date has been given for the implementation of the helmets and gloves rules. We will provide updates as they are released.